The top 10 golf games on Android

Golf fans are in luck. When you can’t be on the green, there are plenty of golf games on Android that bring your favorite sport to your smartphone. This sports subgenre makes it possible to try to get a hole in one in all different styles: from more realistic options to wacky styles with fantasy mini-golf courses. We’ve put together a list of the best golf games that you can find on Android. Fore!

WGT Golf Mobile

If we had to say one thing about WGT Golf Mobile, it’s that its a pretty strict title. Your objective is the same as the rest of the games on the list — to get the ball in the hole — but here you’re going to find enormous attention to detail in terms of courses and equipment brands. While it hasn’t exactly aged well, it still has a good community to play against online. [Download]

Golf Island

Colorful is the word we’d use for this golf game. Forget about all things serious, and get ready for a total arcade experience. Your goal here is to get the most balls in the hole in the shortest amount of time possible. You’ll have to race against the clock while swiping all over the screen to move the ball as fast as possible. Oh, and don’t forget about collecting all the diamonds you can. The fun is guaranteed. [Download]

Super Stickman Golf 3

The Stickman franchise has brought us games from all genres, shapes, and colors. We could get lost among the cohort of real games, clones, and deliberate copies, but at least we can be sure about two things regarding this golf game: it’s original and it’s impossible to get bored with it. These wacky settings will challenge you to get the ball in the hole in as little time as possible while you unlock objects and characters. And watch out for its multiplayer mode — it’s extremely addicting. [Download]

Eagle: Fantasy Golf

The manganime style has arrived in the world of golf, although here you’re not going to find fantastic swings that make the whole screen sparkle. Nothing like that. We’re talking about a traditional golf game with some stand out graphics. It’s not exactly anything we haven’t seen before, but at least it has some cute kawaii characters. There are options for everyone on this list. [Download]

Golf Star

The always-trustworthy Com2uS has been perfecting this Golf Star for a while now, with the result being one of the best games you can find for this sport. The simplicity of its controls is the same as in the rest of the classic golf games, but with various game modes that give this genre some new life. [Download]

Golf of Fury

SEGA joins the hole-in-one party with a concept that’s a bit more arcade. Golf of Fury is a competitive title where you have to beat rivals from all over the world in different settings. And no, you’re not going to get to play in Augusta or the PGA, instead, you’ll find fairy tale castles and hills full of animated cows. [Download]

Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade

Yes, we said we were going to talk about the best golf games, but you have to admit, it would be boring if we listed 10 games that were exactly the same. Variety is the spice of life. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here in this fun arcade game. Don’t worry about picking the right golf club or getting the ball to land on the green…here, your mission is to make it through small settings to reach the hole before you run out of swings. It’s an incredibly simple and incredibly fun game. [Download]

Mini Golf King

If you like Clash Royale or other PVP games, then you’ll love Mini Golf King. Behind the colorful arcade style you’ll find surprising depth for a mini-golf game. The winner isn’t the first one to reach the hole, but the one who gets the most points. Each setting is full of different paths to take, making for a super entertaining game. [Download]


While we’ve already seen some manganime characters in other games on this list, no other is like PANGYA Mobile. It’s a title that takes the game of golf to a whole new fantasy level that you can only experience here. Not only does it have typical golf game features, but it’s also packed with originality with special swings that you can give your team members, along with an enormous catalog of accessories to deck them out with. It’s a fantastic game with a PVP that will have you hooked to no end. Whether you’re an anime fan or not, this is one of the most complete golf titles you’ll find. [Download]

Golf Clash

Golf Clash is one of the sacred cows of Android. It’s a game that keeps on raking in awards with every step it takes. (you can see examples here and here) and it does so with an overwhelming simplicity. We’re not talking about the most powerful game on the market, but it’s all about the gameplay here. If you haven’t given it a try yet, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. [Download]