A lovely revision of the classic roguelike game


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Brogue is a revised version of the story of the traditional 'roguelike' game where the goal is to recover the Amulet of Yendor from the depths of some catacombs that are infested with traps and creatures that want to do away with your hero.

The game includes all of the traditional elements of the genre: the permanent death of your hero, random dungeons that guarantee a new experience each time you play, and ASCII graphics. The main difference is that the classic ASCII graphics have received a new layer of color and illumination, making them look really great.

In addition, Brogue uses an interface that is much more comfortable and sophisticated than that of the traditional 'roguelike' games, allowing you to use the mouse to carry out all of the actions. In fact, you can hover your cursor over the enemies to learn more about them.

Brogue is an excellent game to start experiencing the 'roguelike' games, as its control system is so comfortable that it makes it easier to perform some of the game's basic tasks. This is different from the traditional games, where the control system was entirely based on the keyboard. However, it still won't be at all easy to recover the Amulet of Yendor...
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