Dungeons of Fayte


Dungeons are better with friends


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Dungeons of Fayte is a dungeon crawler. In it, you explore a series of dungeons and other scenarios to find the treasure and gain as much experience as possible.

Dungeons of Fayte is best if you play with the help of other players. In fact, the cooperative mode can support up to four people simultaneously as long as you have enough controllers to do so, with one on the mouse and two on the same keyboard, for example.

The gameplay is reminiscent of RPGs like Diablo. As you advance, you have to kill all the enemies in your way to loot their belongings, take their gold, and improve your character.

Dungeons of Fayte is primarily a cooperative RPG, though you can also play and finish it by yourself, if you want. But really, it's much better if you play with a few of your friends.
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