Terminal emulator developed in Cocoa


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If you like to use the command line to perform some operating system functions, iTerm is a terminal emulator that adds some interesting characteristics to that application.

You can carry out a complete emulation of the VT100 terminal, expanding your horizons with additional support for ANSI and xterm escape sequences.

Developed with Cocoa, iTerm allows you to execute different terminal sessions at the same time in different tabs. It has a favorites system that allows you to store the sessions and UNIX commands that you use most frequently.

Other benefits of iTerm include internationalization, which allows you to use any character supported by Mac; an anti-idle function, which keeps you from disconnecting from the consul due to inactivity; and personalization options that allow the user to select backgrounds and transparencies.

For Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Mac OS X Panther (10.3.9) users have to download iTerm 1.9.6.

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