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Keybase is a platform that brings the average user an efficient security system that applies PGP encryption to day-to-day communications using public encryption keys and an internal infrastructure to validate your credentials.

Although Keybase originally worked via the command line, the current versions act as an instant messaging and file exchange service. Once you create your account you can validate your details with a social login for Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or Github, as well as create an exclusive PGP key for your computer to use for sending and receiving files.

The system provides a profile page that lets you add other users as contacts to make interacting with them as convenient as can be. This way, besides creating an easy-to-use line of communication and file exchange system, all this content will be encrypted during sending and receipt, so you can ensure that the recipient alone can see what you've sent.

Keybase is an interesting tool that besides being free and open source, is available for both Windows and mobile operating systems, and even has access through its webpage. With all these perks, we can confirm that we're looking at one of the best encryption tools to be found.
How to encrypt your online exchanges with Keybase

Keybase is a free, open source app whose primary aim is to offer universally accessible message encryption with public keys. The idea has evolved over the years from a tedious command line interface to the current multiplatform IM tool that can integrate with loads of different communications services. Public key cryptography that's usable by anybody.
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