Netcam Studio

The easiest video surveillance system


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Netcam Studio is a software designed for video surveillance through the webcam on your computer, allowing you to record everything that's happening in your home or office. You can view and listen to the recordings through any browser without even having to install a plugin. You can even watch in real time with a simultaneous stream from up to four different webcams.

Your webcam can serve as a security system; if the program detects movement it will sound the alarm with and email and begin capturing images or recording video. These recordings can be password-protected so that nobody else can see them. Netcam Studio has image capturing capabilities for up to 30 frames per second from any video USB device, analog camera, video camera, or IP network camera.

What can Netcam Studio do?
- Remote monitoring: if you have a phone with an Internet connection, you can use it to check your latest alerts and watch streaming video from anywhere.
- Motion detection: the system will only activate when it identifies movement.
- Audio detection: you can hear what is happening in the monitored zone, providing the camera has a microphone.
- Email and SMS notification: as soon as Netcam Studio detects movement or sound, it will alert you by SMS or email.

- Webcam
- NET Framework version 4.5


- Limited to four video sources if limited technical assistance.
- Netcam Studio logo appears on captured images and videos.

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