Download MP3 songs from YouTube without installing any programs


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Peggo is an online platform where you can record and download MP3 songs from your favorite YouTube videos. How? It's as simple as entering the video URL into Peggo's search bar.

Its interface is very minimalistic: all you see is the webapp's name and beneath it, the search engine where you can, as mentioned, insert the links or simply type the name of the song or artist you're looking for.

The search engine works just like on YouTube and as you type, your results will start to appear via its auto-complete feature.

Peggo includes an editor so you can choose the quality in which you want to preview the selected video, as well as a time bar where you can select the specific video fragments you want to download in MP3 by setting the start and end points.

Another of the nice features of this online converter is that it can remove the silence sometimes found at the beginning and end of videos, so you can enjoy a good-quality MP3 that starts as soon as you hit play.

It even automatically normalizes the audio and recognizes the name of the song and artist so you can save your recordings with the correct information.
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