Perfect World International


Discover a Fantastic World Full of Magic and Adventure


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Perfect World International is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer) completely free where you can live hundreds of unique adventures starring your avatar and the other players from around the world.

The first step to begin playing is choosing one of the ten classes available to your character. They may be a murderer, a martial arts teacher, cleric, and magician . .. Having done this you can choose one of the five races that coexist in the world of Perfect World. Among them are humans, elves, winged beasts, or Earthguard (born to protect the land).

After creating your character that we can begin our journey in Perfect World. Killing enemies and performing missions is only part of the most important-yes-what the game has to offer you. Youalso trade, create objects, teleport ourselves or even marry another character in the game.

Perfect World International is an awesome game with excellent graphics and whose only problem is that it takes more than four GB once installed.
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