Voyage through the galaxy


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Ristar is a 2D platformer originally launched way back in the day for both Sega Mega Drive and Sega Game Gear. Players took on the life of a humanoid star that they went on space adventures with across 6 unique planets. Here, your objective is the same as always: end the tyranny of Kaiser Greedy.

As per usual in classic platformers, with your virtual controllers on the left you'll move your character from one side to the other within your screen. Buttons on your right, on the other hand let you jump and use Ristar's huge hands to pick up objects, hit enemies and cling to surfaces as you climb. This is the special skill your hero has, given that he can help you get anywhere you need no matter how high it is and beat up any baddies that dare cross your path.

Recently, SEGA brought out a reedition of classic titles to revive them on smartphones while preserving their original gameplay. What that means for you is that this title plays exactly the same as its first version, while still fully adapted for easy handling on your smartphone for a quick game anytime, anywhere. Plus, now you can configure customized controller settings to your liking. All the games follow a 'Free-to-Play' model and you'll only really have to deal with pop-up banners while the game loads. Once you're playing there's not a single ad in sight.

Android 4.4 or higher required

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