Rock of Destruction


Launch a giant rock downhill


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Rock of Destruction is a 3D arcade game where you cause as much disaster and destruction as possible. How? By guiding an enormous rock down a hill, on which rests a tranquil medieval village that you reduce to rubble.

Rock of Destruction has a very simple control system: just tap and swipe the screen with your finger to guide the rock and destroy everything in your path! All the while keeping in mind that you will win money with every item you destroy.

With the money you earn during games, you can improve the fundamental features of your rock: its size and power. The larger and more powerful your rock, the more items you can destroy and the farther you can go. And the farther you go, the more money you win!

Rock of Destruction is a very fun game, reminiscent of Rock of Ages, that offers simple mechanics and an exciting concept. It's the perfect title for playing a few quick games and wreaking havoc again and again.

Android 4.1 or higher required

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