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'The Simpsons' is one of the world's best-known and most-watched series and now the fan-base of this famous Matt Groening series can at last make use of a service that must have entered the head of at least one fan: to be able to create a personalized Springfield character, in other words your own Me, Springfield-style.

'It's good to be yellow' is something that more than one fan has been heard to declare. 'How much would a Simpsons fan pay to have Matt Groening personalize their photo to make it resemble one of the Springfield characters? Bart, Homer, Lisa, Mr. Burns, Milhouse... They could all have a new companion.

The process is extremely simple. You just have to access the site, upload a photo, preferably passport-type, in order for SimpsonizeMe to analyze your picture and offer a drawing of a Springfield character that resembles your own photo.

Once SimpsonizeMe has analyzed the snapshot, you will be shown the 'Simpson' animated character resulting from your photo, which may, in turn, be modified by the user, making changes to the type of nose, ears, hair, skin tone, and to the colour and style of the t-shirt and trousers... you can even dress yourself in nothing but a wine barrel and be joined by a pet.

SimpsonizeMe is undoubtedly the web application that every Simpsons fan should visit.
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