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Unleash the inner artist with this online 'Paint'


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Sumo Paint is a drawing tool and image editing that is halfway between Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

Sumo Paint uses the famous system of layers, by which you can move any object you have painted and pass it to first or last shot at will.

Also it has all the basic drawing tools such as a brush, paint bucket, fountain pen and a multitude of shapes. In addition, it has all the ways that you can fill objects not only with solid colors, but also with gradients and and several textures.

Among the options found in Sumo Paint, you can find numerous texture filters, sharp or stylishedges among others. All very similar to the aforementioned Adobe Photoshop.

Once your done with your image, you can save itin JPG, PNG and Sumo, and you can decide whether to store it on a hard drive or on the website of Sumo.

Sumo Paint is a very useful image editing tool which offers many possibilities. Moreover, it is very intuitive and easy to use.
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