Talking Pierre



The most lively pet from Talking Tom


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The creators of My Talking Tom wanted to give this fun cat a pet so he wouldn't be alone. Pierre is an energetic parrot you can interact with to entertain yourself for a bit.

As in My Talking Tom, this app is based on animal care, in this case Tom's parrot. You'll be able to interact and share conversations where he'll repeat whatever sentence you say in its very strange voice.

You can also listen to how he plays the guitar and throw tomatoes at him if you don't like his performance. But be careful, he might get angry and throw stuff back at you. You can also invite Tom the cat over to play for a while and touch his belly to make him do some of his tricks.

Talking Pierre is also available in kid mode, so even the youngest kids can enjoy this fun parrot and play his mini games, which have been designed for both learning as well as entertainment.
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