Create and test icons for your own iOS apps


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Testico is a webapp that's very useful for mobile app developers. With it, you can preview how the icon of your app will appear on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads.

Testico is an easy, fast, and convenient way to preview your icon across devices. Although the webapp is in English, it's very intuitive, and anyone can use it regardless of their native language. Just upload your design and choose between the two types of icons that Testico creates for you.

From there, you can see how the icon will look on different screens on iOS devices, on the home screen, and in the App Store. You can also download the image file or share the result on social networks.

The resolution of the image you want to use to create the icon doesn't have any limitations. Bookmark the web app if you want to come back to the icon easily since Testico will keep the preview for seven days.

With Testico, you can check the way your icon will look before putting your app on the market.
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