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Thinglink is a leading online platform for creating interactive images with embedded links. This means the people who see your images can access the links by opening the file and hovering their mouse over them.

This tool is perfect if you're in marketing and want to spread your work or brand in a more creative way. It's like a digital poster with embedded links that lead to videos or sites to make your campaigns even more effective.

With these interactive images, you can use Thinglink to attract the public in a smooth, innovative, and direct way. You can include everything you want them to see by linking it to your image or poster.

To use this service, you have to register (it's free) and specify whether it's a business or personal account. With a personal account, you can upload and use your own icons and create custom campaigns.

Thinglink also offers real-time analysis and performance metrics for your images. That way, you can see whether the image is effective by checking the number of clicks, the time viewed, and so on. You can use these numbers to get to know your audience and make new interactive images with the same strategy if it's successful, or something else if it's not.

All your creations can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr with just a click, making it even easier to bring exposure to your campaign without leaving Thinglink.

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