Thule Trail


Modern remake of Oregon Trail


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Thule Trail is a remake of the classic Oregon Trail adapted to a modern environment where the covered wagon pulled by oxen is substituted with a motor car, and the journey itself with a business trip.

The playability, faithful to the original game, will give you tons of actions you just have to type out on the keyboard. That's it: the only thing you have to do to accomplish anything that comes to mind is select the option you want.

But although saying it like that makes it sound easy, Thule Trail is exceptionally difficult. Making decisions is complicated and normally you won't know if making an on-time stop may be good ... or fatal for all the passengers.

Thule Trail is, despite its modern environment, very faithful to the original game. What does that mean? That if you're looking for a deliberate game, where the decisions you make really matter, you're in luck.
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