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Go on an exotic adventure with Carl, Russell and company


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UP, the movie, is in theaters now and the videogame of the movie is also here for your PC.

The UP videogame will take you on a journey with Carl, Russell, Dug the dog and Kevin the bird. You will take the control of all four characters throughout the game.

Mainly, you'll control Russell and Carl and you'll have to guide them throughout the jungle avoiding dangers and fighting versus enormous creatures.

The graphics of the videogame are really good and the representation of the characters is amazing, as well as the music and voices. Collect bugs, badges, fruits and more. Fight versus different enemies using the different abilities of each character and remember that you can play with a friend throughout all the game, each one will control a different character, making the game even funnier.

Now you can play UP the videogame on PC. Enjoy the adventures of UP on your PC and control your favorite character: Carl, Russell, Dug and Kevin.

Specially for children at home who love Disney productions.
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