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Vagante is a roguelike in 2D in the style of Spelunky in which you control an adventurer whose objective is to find the treasures hidden inside a deadly dungeon.

In the beginning, you have to choose between one of two characters: a warrior, who is stronger but less versatile; or an archer, who is less strong but can attack from a distance. Depending on the type of hero you choose, you'll have different abilities available.

Once inside the dungeon, you have to face many dangers. There are dozens of enemies of all kinds, like bats, assassins, gel balls, orcs, and more. Each enemy has a specific behavior and set of attributes, so you have to know the right way to avoid or attack them.

Besides the enemies, in Vagante, you also have to look for traps. Spikes, for instance, can kill you instantly if you fall on them, not to the mention monster mouths hidden under the ground.

Fortunately, you'll also find some friends inside the dungeon. The merchants will let you spend your money, for example, to buy new weapons and potions, so you have to be careful not to attack them.

Vagante is a really good roguelike in 2D. The best thing that can be said about it is that it is a perfect combination of Spelunky and Castlevania.
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