Vision Runner

Beta 1.6

First person racing and 'parkour'


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Vision Runner is a game of platforms and speed in the first person. In it, players must get from one point on the screen to another in the quickest time possible.

The gameplay, in some ways, is very similar to all the Mirror´s Edge clones out there. That is, you must run at full pelt through surreal scenery while jumping huge holes and get Parkour through the levels, which are as beautiful as they are dangerous. Just one false movement and your hero will fall into the abyss.

One of the best features of Vision Runner, making up for the lack of available moves, is the creator that allows you to build your own levels and play them in just a few minutes. This way you also get a pretty much infinite number of levels to play.

Vision Runner is a really entertaining platformer that, while not having a great number of gameplay options, does have the potential to become a standout Parkour title.
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