WonderfulShare PDF Split


Split your PDFs and keep only the pages you wish


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Wonderfulshare PDF Split is a very useful application for those who work a lot with files in PDF format.

PDF is a widely used format in the world of computer documents, and nowadays it is rare not to find a book or report or even role manuals in this format, but the problem with pdf documents is that they are usually files that they're extremely heavy files due to the high image quality they offer and all the secondary data they contain, so carrying these items on a USB stick or even going to a copy shop to print them can be a daunting task.

For that reason, developers created this app: Wonderfulshare PDF Split. Keep only the information that interests you. Choose the pages that you want to keep, enter them in the program and let it take care of dividing them and separating them. It is no longer necessary to take the entire document with you because thanks to this application, in just a few clicks, you can split the information that interests you and separate it from everything else.
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