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Yolaroo ABC is a fantastic app that allows you to start learning English easily and comfortably, and which can be used both by children and adults.

With this tool, learning how to spell the most common words all around you is as easy as spending a few minutes at home doing each activity.

So, after spending just a few hours doing exercises you can completely master all of the basic words from a wide range of subjects. In total, there are 147 words that you will find in your daily life, and which appear in the ten great activities available to you.

In the different, increasingly difficult exercises, you'll have to remember the names of different images that appear, selecting the correct word from the four possible answers.

Finally, the activities include typing letters to hear how they're pronounced, including words and creating them using the series of letters the program gives you, choosing the letters that have just been said, correctly writing a given word, finding the missing word after seeing a series of images or finding the image that corresponds to the word that you've been given, among other educational games.

It's never been as easy to learn spelling and vocabulary as it is with Yolaroo ABC.
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