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Zoe is an app with which you can create polished videos from your pictures or other videos that you have saved to your device's memory. You can also share your creations through the app as you would on Vine or Instagram.

In fact, Zoe is a kind of Vine or Instagram that, instead of letting you record your videos on the app, lets you edit the videos you've already recorded. For example, you can add music and filters to give a personal touch to your videos.

Zoe lets you post up to 20 seconds of video on your profile, but one of the best features on the app is creating videos from pictures. Thanks to this feature, you can put all the pictures from a party into a single video with its own music and effects.

Zoe is an app with some really interesting features, and it's backed by an important developer, HTC. Despite that, it still has to conquer a market that is already dominated by giants like Instagram and Vine.
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